Photo Gallery: Schizophrenic Shadows, Patterns and Otherness (in above link) {Recently Updated}

Schizophrenic Otherness, from the photo gallery

Schizophrenic Otherness

Pennsylvania Acid Trees, (photo gallery in above link)

Below are 6 demos below. Just scroll down and see what interests you. Hope you find something you like.

The three demos that are instrumental are the following: Reverse your Place Setting/ Life is not Normal, Intoxication of the Stars, and Insanity with a Witch in the Head.

The three demos with lyrics or poems as lyrics are: In the Alehouse I Drink a Crow, The Memory Clinic of Oblivion, Horror and Supervision, and the last one on this page is the Electric X-IT.

As I see it, music can come to be bliss so I hope this is a joy for your ears. Find a way to release your mind into one of these songs, it could come into an escape by its ethereal nature!

All music is original from the Artist: Sam Talucci 3.


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