POEMS 2022



Poetry by Sam Talucci 3


March 9, 2023

Poem # 1/ Written on July 30th 2022

Where is this going,

I don’t know where-

You are going with

This, but please stop


I’ve had enough 

Of this fellow

And to come to terms

The speaking of the spoken

Who to call one on life

When life makes sense

But does not add up


And a dull mind

During a blissful summer

To feel the heat

Yet the skin is cold


Once by a voice

Upon a frail demeaner

Something is speaking to you

And it feels lifeless

The dead heat of summer

And a cradle for the dead


Who to suppose,

Doesn’t want you around

When the chores of life

Go to an abyss

In the ground


A subtle climb into

An area of the wanted

Towards the unwanted

And the picture that 

Develops, seems a 

Change-over from seed

To flower, and if

The fragrance is not so sweet

The last hour of life

Will feel sour


At the height of power

To sink a heart

 The power to cry in laughter

The eternal weeping of dismay

By a series of questions

“Is forgiveness meant for

The afterlife?”

“Is death to be forgiveness?”

When through all the strength 

It falls to denial


The everlasting doubt

And the longing to live

Comes by nature

To secure a taste

Feeling like ecstasy 


Which when the weather

Of a season, comes

Without control, it

Enters a mind by 

Stability to claim

A wild mind further

Then what was found

And in the sound 

Of thunder, a door

Opens to crack

A thought, even when

The thought was

Washed to sea

By the rain.


End Poem #1



Poem # 2/ Written on August 7th 2022


Hack your head

Into a lucid consciousness

Put to place a 

Thought as a dream

A dream in a dream

A thought in a thought


While smelling a disease

In a dream by recall

It begins to wonder

 Where all this is going

And odd as it is

It stays odd


By laughing like a crack

And licking your spoon

To cry out loud

A shadow may bloom

By coming into range

To serve a head

A way to eat your dreams

A way to exit your dreams

And without the act

Of consequence in consequence 

It comes by recollection

That by temper

The finding of tranquility

Came by definition

In grasp to learn

And to come into reach

And to define a mind, 

While in tune by capacity

To do variable things

By conquest it seems

A thought as a dream

Is something in the other

That may bring joy

And because of this

An active mind might rest.

Yet in joy, there is sorrow

And a mind dislodged

By motion and stillness

Could go lunar

And right now,

Where you are, seems to be

A hot seat, looking to die

And if you rely on anything

It comes to seem

You wasted a dream 

On a hot apple pie!




Poem # 3/ Written on August 24th 2022


Skeletons eating lunch

Haunted by dead sunflowers

And in each piece

Of hollow food

A bight by teeth

Has a reach into, and comes

From without, in that taste

Becomes of the substance

Of the Dark Divine.


By an apple to feel

That something else

Is living inside you

Has upon its reverse 

That in context of 

Breath, there resides 

Nothing on the inside


To breath and taste

And come upon water

To that of air

A neutral flavor

Is there, as though

By a touch of hair

Something is numb


By reach of growing

Into a state of

Shadow dementia

The skull and the soul

Climb neither above

Nor below, but into

Something where words

Grow in meaning by

Speaking in silence


The silence of a bone

As a separated part

Of the body, which in

Context of the distinct 

Becomes of the nature

Invisible by visible flesh


When a whole-body skeleton,

Is hidden beneath a whole-body

It has a growing nature

That extracts from placement

And comes around in need

Of a quality to suppose

That in sequence of 

Bones to flesh to clothes

What is missing

Comes to be hidden

And if this is what

By substance, contains life

Then by feeding, the cause

Provokes the source, 

While fear, doubt and worry

Abstract the mind

And a scar is beyond healing,

And so, with the decay of a tree

And a haunt to comply

Nature to the bones

To nature in revolution

What shines bright, goes dim

And a blackened forest

In its eerie portrayal

Will radiate a skeleton

Like hunger in a stomach 

And a dead man’s

Curse will come upon

The decay of a flower

In such a case

Of reflection

Which when speaking

Of a glass in time

Everything is haunted

Because it once had life.


End Poem # 3


Poems typed on April 06, 2021, 

Edited: October 24, 2021

4 poem script


Poem #1: Titled: Entomb the Mind/ Written February 13th 2021


Entomb the mind

Buried in the nowhere

A grasp of indifference

Remorse for the nerves


Return in placement

To deserve high remarks

Accomplish a regard

In the distance of life


Too sure to count the “ifs”

By a score of waves

Upon the sand to sift

To wail for a savior

The gift of a dead demeanor

It sounds upon the land

Like a bird song to sing

In the creak of a doorway


The applause for a parade

Death in the masquerade

To count upon the fingers

By going to sleep in a pill box


Serve us a taste

Beyond the divine in haste

Can we conform to discover?

A blind man to race


A race for the clouds

And render what’s beyond

By starlight as to concur

A vast act to simplify

The eye: dead in a blur


The ache of remorse

Put in tune with age

Should it count in the fact

Once we are dead: there is no source

And of course, if we were dead

There in claim: no remorse

Yet life buried to a tune so sweet

A splendid afterlife we are holding

So quiet from this pain

That to explain why a bird may chirp

In cause of shadows in esteem

With a purple robe and a silver chain

Comes to seem 

That by the mark, the tame go wild


To be under by way to enthrall

The wind of shame does converse

 And the by and by goes good bye, good bye

For it was a curse at its worst.



Poem # 2: Titled: A Verse of Snow   /Written March 3rd, 2021


Upon the sight

Of the good tomorrow

And reckon a conscious void

A memory that doesn’t want 

To remember


To toy with consciousness

A dead play thing

In a mild mind

To fall to a

Distorted memory


Upon a candle

Smoke from a cigarette

And rain in a puddle

At a height to fall below

To augment poetry

Into a verse of snow


Shallow heights to the receiver

A copy of one to believe

 A mark on plain sight

The calm one to deceive


Vacate the mind

Into a spoken variance

To suppose a problem in time

Now that the weight has

Driven away

A subtle life in a puddle

It should concede towards

A heart in trouble


The reflection of an eye

In a hot lava-bed

To take the clue for a cure

A vacation from being alive

Could a haunt conclude

A heart by an apple

A heart by apple-wood

Too soon to wait

For by time in the way

We come to contemplate


A serious endeavor

To free the weight

A delight in glory

To call upon as to close

By waiting for the time to come


The sum of all things

Put to a basket 

Put to a jar

A lady dressed 

In a spider web

Have we an inkling to ask

Of an eye in distress


Oppose the fashion of a tree

Lying to the busy little bee

Who calls upon a song…?

That sang all day long

Reverse what is known

Into a pit of memory

Oblivion may transpire

For a song to put out this fire


To conspire upon the face of time

To put desire into a rhyme

The rhyme may crack and glow

Upon a verse of snow

For what you may find

You may never know



End Poem # 2



Poem # 3: Titled: A Sort of Madness   /Written March 19th 2021


Elemental madness

Madness as a profaned desire

Waking up haunted

A hangover from a dream


Secure a fate misguided

In fashion to contemplate

Escort the ear by a harp

Beside the sharp nails of a coffin


Squeeze and breed

A forlorn experience

Sitting outside in a rain storm

Reading a book of poetry


What sequence to suppose

A portrayal of madness

For a picnic in the rain

To resort to misery

What to ease the pain

Secure in fate misguided


Such a terrible twist

An overdose on the guitar

Lying in a black puddle

Resort to a dream

Calls forth to seem

That all for the high and low

Madness breaks this bubble


To tell a tale, muddled

Counting rail-road tracks

On the high-sea of deliverance 

Should something cause trouble 

Come to reckon

There’s always tomorrow


End Poem # 3



Poem # 4: Titled: To put Grace to the Sky   / Written: April 3rd 2021



The serpent’s sun

Beer is my Jesus

Clear out before

It gets too cold


To deserve a trial

When what is sold

Is out for hire


Descend a hollow staircase

Of humble despair

Should it in cause

Become a sight by smell

Going to sleep with a bottle

Who the HELL cares!


Silent came a foot step

The other went negative

Awake in a darkened storm

To call upon a fraction of sunlight

Be told: carry clear eyes

From which sorrow was born


Torn limb from limb

The limbo of shadows

Engulf the taste

Of a poisonous spider

Put to the ceiling

Can we utter tomorrow?


Who has the calling?

To put grace to the sky

The last one to ask, may cry

The eternal fall

Fell beside a cradle

A candle to light

In spite of answers

The call of the unstable

Spit forth a word: 

Can we hug our kisses?


A ghoul playing music

Put on the top shelf of despair

Who calls it utter hopelessness?

A creature without hair

Sung of honeycomb and flowers

And in asking for grace

He did not dare


Stare long into a candle

For the eyes may twitch

Sure, it is a thing for a cat to play

To subside and calm the shadows

In the night of a Spider Witch


The end of god on the land

Through a disease to see

Life, to get out of hand

Life, by own decree


The feature of the beginning 

Where Jesus stays dead

A cross for forgiveness

The sleep of the dead


Follow this into anonymity

Of one who spoke without speaking

The words of a golden human

Flows upon the path: unrelenting


Spending too much time in the bottle

For a blind eye in trouble

Care less for dust

Care less for doubt

A heart blackened to test

The blackening of a heart


Speaking in shadows

The last human hello

Who sees utter death?

The negative, by hell and below


Climax of an acorn

The tree of life

A drunkard in a forest

Burn away the strife


Last call on life

For age to beat us down

A call for a happy frown

The sound and the call

From here on out

We go down


End Poem # 4


End Poetry Script