February 17th 2020

Title: The Witch and Contact


As with any figure of to say “myth” or a myth coming to life, the witch is the one who in her ungodly hour has the case of reality abstracted from features of time when witchcraft was a different nature compatible with human-kind. Through vision for a home by the explicit standards of inspiration, the act of the witch is but to be a sole decree for by solace and magic it shows a forlorn experience in symbolism.

                Throughout most experience, to be in the culture of a life, the life of a witch is a lonely existence, by which it precludes upon known fact that the witch flies upon the sky secluded.

                By this, another nature of speculative witchcraft, shown through the eye of a witch, comes by her right and cold heart for her eyes are held in the nature of the amethyst stone. To be of the speculative vision as though the amethyst stone were a double mirror of divine nature comes by itself in decree to be of an essential nature of the witch as though to put forth that there is “a drink of heaven for an evil man”.

                As the case may be, to surmise its actuality, witchcraft by its act is able to permeate an amorphous soul. Be this as it may, the view that witchcraft is pernicious only adds to the decay of the symbol and figure and by account shows the abominable force of a witch: which is both sullen and morose, but truly great and amazing.

                In each of the conditions surveyed as it is by the act of one witch, it comes beside itself the acceptance of mingling with spirits which by cause is a force of the unknown. Talking to ghosts or spirits seems as it should be, to be a malignant perception with a force both confusing and elating by the power which is.

                As spirits flock and blossom, it is through the eye of amethyst which holds a void of dreams in aspect of people possessed in accordance with a ring on the finger. In the same aspect, as from jewels to flesh comes the instance peculiar in its own right to follow the course of disjointed witchcraft into magic of the unknown.

                Though by the unknown it is, by mere instance to say, “Behold! Amethyst”; it is also by symbolism of a witch in flight to say that she cleans the stars and moon and sky by a magic broom. 

                On the issue of a star, it is but yet to say, by the nature of a nebula to leave you cold and dark which is to still have a wonder at its mystery. In token and in respect there are stars in place to put man at a distance and by the star’s distance there is a further escape by time and space to put man and woman at a distance in hope of contact likened to love.

                The nature of a star by sky is to be in aspect the distance between two “beings” by which through vision or contact the distance between two stars converge as though an eclipse may show translucent light which still glimmers in contact.

                As a star glows with light, it sheds clarity upon features of distance and contact as though with a witch comes her mental-make-up of pellucid eyes which shows how oblivion becomes transparent.

                By the vision under order of a witch in flight by cause of oblivion, comes a clear picture of distance and closure in the sky by which the eyes in limpid clearness show the air to be auspicious in nature by both the translucent and transparent aspects of light and dark making contact in the sky. As though by vision, the connection of stars to be engulfed by darkness, it is that spoken darkness that outlines the stars which shows how far and deep the sky may actually be.

                By contrast of dimension by night sky comes by contrast with this dimension in thought to see the middle distance between the sun and a rose. From the depth of the Earth to the position of the Sun, it seems to confer that the light upon land is a form of contact, yet by darkness that the witch penetrates is but contact found translucent.

                In good nature and by pernicious aspects the heart of loving-kind is but a separation found translucent but in separation of man and woman, there is darkness that sets their hearts in love and puts love in place as though by contact with stars and their distance.

                As it seems, as though by sky there is a witch, whether flying in front of a moon or contact in the depth of the sky, it comes that she is detached from separation and engulfs an obscure and secluded secret by unknown mysteries of her own nature.

                By the likes of separation, there will always be “space” between us, yet by space comes contact even when remote or apart or distanced.

                The dissolution of man and woman is found by shades of the mind which by aspect of time finds patience in dealing with the Earthly and terrestrial in contact with primordial space.

                A witch is both of the Earth and of the sky and by such a vision the dissolution of man-kind in the purity of his soul finds relief when a witch cleanses the heart and mind by symbol of the flying broom in night sky.


Title: A Wall in the Ocean// Instance and Duration


In the mode of time, to acknowledge patience is to become patient with the state of emptiness.  As patience grows there seems to be (growing) a wholesome state of being within mind, body and spirit. While meditation is an act of sitting and breathing, through the scope of the ideal, it is to be a state separate from the daily happenings of life.

To separate one act from another is to show upon itself an entity which serves to segment aspects of thought through body consciousness.

By the sole fact of “thinking”, to be possessed by “mind chatter” and to take a turn, to separate this into a “no-thought-void”: one must have the power to register the brain from one aspect to another.

As thoughts can become a conflict in itself, it is good to take care of the mind by the suggestion to “travel lightly” on the interior. To “travel lightly” in the mind, and to cede thinking through meditation is to be of the state (in which could be considered transitory) which finds itself to be of the standard of solace and respite. To search for relief from the interior skull, a “way” past thought, is to come to the point where the mind is still.

The still of nature has many ways of reflecting where the state of mind is and where it is going. A still action in the mind is an attempt to bring upon itself the state of emptiness. The mind is a feature of the being which is alone on the interior but by physical aspect the features of nature and object come to show the chemistry of seeing as though an “x-ray” picture or negative photograph were to be the vision of mind interior in conference to the object exterior.

In this case it is interesting to see the separation and connection of the mind which by growth and age becomes a state of evolving thoughts that through the act of art or meditation come as stages in the way of growth through emptiness.

As thoughts evolve and by cause the sole-being to keep a thought journal, shows in this example the perception of interior and exterior to have a connection by pen and paper yet by seeing that one thought is so unlike another (repeatedly) and as the thoughts keep chattering or muttering shows how the mind is in separation by segmented thoughts.

In cause of separation, there is a need to hold balance, as though with the case of Schizophrenia by mode of separation there are: “voices”, thinking in general, and other hallucinatory causes while by this state there are people in actual talking stance which is a self-described prism of discontent. With all this said it seems there is a need to follow the self to a seat and find a still moment in the vast escape of time.

This still moment in meditation seen by aspect in time is as such an instance in duration. For in patience a moment by affect can be a constant force in the mind by duration past the clock of time.  A good way at looking at this is to see the act of meditation as a still life of flowers which breathes till the end when the flower wilts while meditation has breath that breathes new life to body, mind and spirit with an acknowledgement of the end of breath as it stands to be. By the vision of a still-life of flowers which may bring an act to escape the mind by the physical, as such a wall could produce an inert mentality.

In this an inert semblance of thought by wall shows in itself the “still” aspects of mind and so by this stillness a hope of constant separation is in the energy of its design. 

As by a wall in a forest, by still sitting trees, so by its opposite is the ocean with waves of water as a constant feature. To put these by comparison in the negative, the wall becomes a blindness and the ocean is to be confusing. The thought of the wall serves to be a reflection from interior discourse to that of a still object in the still of nature. This seems to show that the concept of wall and ocean have very similar aspects but are separated by instance and duration.

If we find the wall and the ocean to be an aspect related in case of point, the instant being the ocean and duration the wall, we find a perfect vision in the vast escape of unrelenting nature in which case both the wall and ocean are an instance in duration.

This by its perception has the musical language of ocean waves and the silence of the wall abandoned in the forest which could be a diagram for meditation.  While breathing is a main aspect of meditation, the act of sight in a way must be “still” as the thoughts in their action are contained in the breath.

To this the service of relief follows into the place settings for by escape, refuge may be found. By and large the constant application of the mind by the mind itself is relieved by the constant of breath in a meditative state.

This ends by saying the constant of breath is as the constant waves of the ocean which has success in the concrete nature of a wall which is to still the thoughts of one’s body, mind and spirit.

(This could by token go on, but ends here)